Sunday, 6 January 2019

Joan of Arc / Maid of Orleans

So, I'm into the third calendar year of the "listen to all my vinyl albums" challenge and I've just finished the letter O, which meant a lot of OMD. Coincidentally, today is also Joan Of Arc's birthday, so here's (still) my favourite OMD song. Choral samples and white noise percussion is what made a classic pop song back in 1981.

Let's also not forget the follow up single, with the same title (until record company intervention), 40 seconds of noise as an intro and heavy use of the mellotron.

Singing about Joan of Arc wasn't the obvious way to having a huge hit (twice) and so bands stayed clear of the topic until Little Mix's feminist anthem "Joan of Arc" from 2018.

My dad used to lambaste me for listening to so much music, telling me I wouldn't learn anything from it. OMD were always by shining example of how wrong he was.

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