Thursday, 20 March 2014

Another Green World

"Tim, can I borrow your Eno record?"

"Can you Borrow it? You've still got it from last time. I've given up trying to steal it back."

No, not me, but a scene from Richard Lowenstein's cult classic 1986 movie, Dogs in Space. This was my first introduction to to Eno's Another Green World. Tim's copy of the album gets appropriated by one house mate as his music of choice whenever he brings a new girl back to the house – we then get to hear that sleazy electronic sounds of Skysay throbbing through the walls as he entices yet another victim into his lair, which becomes an ongoing theme throughout the film.

Is it my favourite Eno album? Well it was - and then it wasn't - but now it is again. I've started listening to it a lot over the last few months. The perfect halfway point between Rock and Ambient music - with both styles sitting comfortably alongside each other. The album stands up as arguably Eno's finest achievement and one of the great (sort of) rock albums.