Sunday, 21 April 2013

Record Store Day 2013

So, true to my word last year, but without remembering that I'd said so, I managed to get to Piccadilly Records for 6am only to find that, of course, I was even further back in the queue than previous years (I've finally made it onto Tib Street!). Oh well, at least I found myself with some great company either side of me, making the 4 1/2 hour queue time pretty enjoyable and part of the whole RSD experience. One good thing that has come out of Record Store Day is bringing back the social aspect of buying music - I'm sure the conversations we had about music whilst queuing up cost me another £30 in items I decided to buy.

So, what did I get? This...

Calexico - Spritoso (white vinyl) Live LP
Brian Eno/Grizzly Bear Nicolas Jaar Remix 12"
Lloyd Cole & Hans-Joachim Roedelius - NNNEONLLLLIGHTS (white vinyl) 12"
The Ukranians - Pisni iz the Smiths 12"
The Velvet Underground - The Scepter Sessions LP
OMD - The Future is Silent (picture disc) 10" EP
Royksopp - Ice Machine (red vinyl) 10"
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Animal X (picture disc) 7"
PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING - Signal 30 (orange vinyl) 7"
Mogwai/Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat - split remix single (white vinyl) 7"
Side by Side secret 7" (which turned out to be 3 versions of Iko Iko by the Grateful Dead, Dr John and the Dixie Cups) - on lovely paint splattered red/blue vinyl

I decided to give the FGTH 7" picture disc a miss because it was...err... £18. Are you sure about that guys?!

So, that's it for another year - threats of not going next year had pretty much subsided by the time I reached the counter, probably helped by the company and also the fact that some items didn't seem to sell out as quickly as previous years (did they get more stock in?).

Oh, and coffee was provided by Tim Burgess's Tim Peaks Coffee Company, so everyone who bought one got this wonderful Pete Fowler designed cup...

Here's what I said previous years:

Monday, 8 April 2013

OMD - English Electric in a Tin

Look what arrived in the post today - English Electric, the new album by OMD, as a stunning box set and vinyl package.
So, here's what I got:
  • An OMD embossed tin
  • The album on CD
  • A CD of demos
  • A DVD
  • A foldout cover to hold the above 3 items
  • Three cards with artwork
  • Three cards with photos of the band 'in concert'
  • A blue vinyl 7" single with an exclusive b-side ('Frontline')
  • A booklet with lyrics and photos
  • A signed card - I think they call it a 'certificate of authenticity'
  • Some foam packaging to keep the above safe in the tin
  • The album on vinyl in a die cut sleeve, so you can rotate the inner sleeve to make different versions of the artwork (it's just like the OMD/Architecture and Morality/Dazzle Ships albums covers all over again, which kept me entertained as a child)
Oh, and there were two metallic badges as well, which I think were extras thrown in to the parcel as it was a pre-order and might not be part of the boxset.
Here's the vinyl "die cut" sleeve - see how I've radically changed the artwork.

And here's the tin... I know, taking photos of tins is possibly an all time low for me.