Wednesday, 13 March 2013

This Will Destroy You - Which Colour?

I got TWDY's towering 2nd album for my birthday and a couple of things confused me.

Firstly, why the different album sleeves? The CD appears to come in a slightly Gothic post rock-esque black sleeve with silver design, whereas the vinyl is housed in a couldn't-be-more-different wolf/tiger/eagle/snow/lightning drawing sleeve. At first I thought I'd be given the wrong album.

The second thing was the... err... colour of the vinyl. I had to check online to get some answers but I'm still not 100% sure what colour my records are supposed to be.
You see, the label, Magic Bullet, take pride in their vinyl issues and have made sure that each repressing of the album comes on different coloured vinyl. A quick search online reveals that the album appears to have been released in the following versions:

First Pressing:
Red vinyl
White vinyl
Blue vinyl
Blue/Red vinyl

Second Pressing:
Black/Green vinyl
Third pressing:
Grey/Grey Marble vinyl
Aquamarine/Grey Marble vinyl
Post-Rock Puke/Grey Marble vinyl

Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Pressing:
Mixed vinyl

Seventh Pressing:
Grey/Pink vinyl
Grape Taffy/French Mustard vinyl
Cherry Taffy/French Mustard vinyl

Eighth Pressing:
Aqua/Pink vinyl
Green/Yellow vinyl
Purple/THC vinyl

A nightmare for any collector of their records.

I'm guessing that mine is....err...any ideas?

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A Very Happy Birthday

Well, wouldn't yours be if you got all of these as presents from your wonderful family?

Expect further posts about some of these at some point. Maybe.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

My Bloody Vinyl

After a lifetime's wait, the new My Bloody Valentine album is here and is now available as a real life physical format.

For those who are wondering about the vinyl version - here it is.

It  sounds great and has, according to the band, been "recorded on 2 inch 24 track analogue tape and mixed onto half inch analogue tape and mastered with no digital processing involved."

It also comes with the CD version of the album, so you can compare compare the difference between the digital and analogue sounds.

Good luck!