Sunday, 1 September 2013

Steel City (Move On Up)

It's not all 'cool' records around here you know. I thought I'd post something about a football record...

The Hillsboro' Crew was a collaboration featuring Martyn Ware & Glenn Gregory from Heaven 17 and Ian Reddington - AKA Eastenders' Tricky Dicky and, for those who survived it during the late '80s, Dr Who's Chief Clown (who was, essentially, a psychotic new romantic).

The verses, a rap by Mr Reddington, eulogise the 1986 high flying (hey, we finished 5th in Division 1) Sheffield Wednesday squad, whilst the chorus is lifted from Little Steven's Sun City. There's also time to squeeze in a bit of Funkadelic and Ollie and Jerry's "No Stopping Us" for good measure because, at that time, there really was no stopping us (except in those matches we lost).

But is it any good? Well it's better than the Owls/Thompson Twins remake of You Take Me Up from the previous year.

Back when we were good.

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