Monday, 11 July 2011

Nick Cave on The Tube

I'm going through one of my "listen to everything by...." phases at the moment - I'm currently about halfway through Nick Cave's back catalogue.

It reminded me to track down this performance from The Tube in 1986 - it was the first time I saw Nick Cave "live" (he's actually miming) and probably the first time I heard his music. We'd taken the day of school to be part of the audience for the Tube, in particular to watch Heaven 17 - who were pushing their soon to be released Pleasure One album - play live for the first time. It's a shame they hadn't done this a few years earlier when they had something better to promote.

Anyway, I can't say that I enjoyed it at the time, but there was something about Nick Cave's performance that drew me in. Maybe it was the fact that he scared me a bit, and I was convinced that he was glaring at ME all the way through the performance - I didn't know whether to stare back at him or look away (I shuffled uncomfortably on the spot for three and a half minutes). On watching this now, I'm guessing that he probably didn't have a clue who or what, if anything, he was looking at.

Still, it's a great doomy cover version of this Johnny Cash song

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