Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Destroyer - Kaputt

Now, I know this is going to divide opinion - having saxophones, soft rock and 80s pop as reference points are likely to send many people running to the hills, or assuming that there must be an "ironic" angle to the music - but this is SUCH a good album, which adds up to so much more than it's obvious influences suggest.

Check out Bay Of Pigs' singer-songwriter take on ambient house (amongst other things), Savage Night At the Opera's 'Enola Gay' referencing guitar riff or - and you'll have to trust me on this one, as it's not on the Spotify version (it's on the vinyl or UK CD version of the album) - the stunning twenty minute The Laziest River, which threatens to turn into 'The Boys Of Summer'. about 12 minutes in.

Listen to the album on Spotify: Destroyer – Kaputt

...or have a look at the lovely video for the title track...


  1. Hey Mr W...was this inspired by my f/b posting of 11 June? Glad your a fan too...I did indeed look like the geek in the photo back in ver day...

  2. No, purely coincidental - good music with an 80s
    influence will always track me (and you) down. I'm looking forward to seeing him/them at The Green Man

  3. What a shame, I'll be on holiday in Switzerland...but looks like a fine line-up.
    Right, back to this dreary assignment on a scorching day...only another 10 months of hoop-jumping sun-avoidance and I'll have bagged that MBA.